The seminar will take place virtually on the ZOOM platform. We recommend that the presenter follows the following guidelines:

Ahead of the Live Session

  • Make sure to download and install ZOOM on your PC (Zoom:
  • Please ensure that devices (mic and/or webcam) are connected to your computer

Presentation Timing

  • Presenters are asked to enter the ZOOM room in which they are presenting a minimum of ten minutes before the session is started
  • There will be a technician in the virtual room with you to assist and to guide you if you have queries
  • Presentations duration should be 15 minutes maximum
  • The discussion will start after the presentation with 5 minutes of maximum allocation

Slide Visual

  • Keep visual aids simple. Highlight only one idea per table, figure, or titile slides. Use appropriate blank space
  • Slides should be easily readable. Text on title slides should be limited to maximum 5 lines.
  • Use appropriate combination of color palettes

Following is the suggested template layout, and is not compulsory.