Atmospheric Sciences

  • Extreme weather events​
  • Climate change and climate variability​
  • Numerical simulation and data assimilation​
  • Atmospheric chemistry​
  • Observation and atmospheric instrument​
  • Middle and upper atmosphere ​
  • Boundary layer meteorology​
  • Monsoon system and large-scale circulation​

Ocean Sciences

  • Physical oceanography​
  • Global ocean circulation​ and climate
  • Coastal and marginal seas
  • Ocean biogeochemistry​
  • Marine ecosystem
  • Environmental oceanography​

Solid Earth

  • Geodynamics, covering the physical and chemical evolution of the Earth​
  • Petrologic processes and mineralization​
  • Present and the past environments​
  • Tectonic processes that affect the crust and upper mantle, ranging from structural geology, volcanology, to plate tectonics​
  • New methods, new ideas, new models​

Interdisciplinary Earth Sciences

  • Air-sea-land interaction​
  • Integrated disaster and hazard mitigation​
  • Climate change initiative​
  • Green, new, and renewable energy​
  • Sustainable development​
  • Big data for Earth science​